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Spagyric Herbal Extracts

Combining the healing powers of Spagyric extraction, these elixirs have the ability to facilitate the healing of our bodies, clarification of our minds, opening and strengthening of our hearts, and the evolution of our souls in order to bring about greater levels of health, vitality, awakening, and consciousness.

A perfect balance of the 3 Alchemical principles within the plant: the essential oil (Sulphur/soul), the alcohol, and water-soluble constituents (Mercury/spirit) The tonic effects of our formulas are greatly enhanced through the presence of the plant’s mineral salts. This effectively lowers the dosage, while increasing the bioavailability and efficacy of these potent botanical elixirs.

This has been made with ancestral alchemical methodologies, according to the lunar & planetary influences.

Made with loving respect for Pachamama.

Single Herbs

Through the fusion of traditional methods of formulation
and modern botanical pharmacology, our Single herb line is compounded with synergistic plants, drivers, and supportive herb to bring about the most healing effects.

We have a large rage and more will come soon. 


Booster Elixirs

This Booster are  a concentrated synergistic with herbs, tissue salts and essential oils. This  formula blended can be taken daily in small doses to booster and to support to body’s  system and related functions.



Our Colloidal have a very high concentration as they have been made according to the lunar & planetary influences of each metal to incorporate not only the physical properties but also its living planetary synergy.

The smallest refined Nano size particles offering optimum potential for the body's absorption.

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