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"I believe that healing comes from connection with nature".

It is through this close connection to the plants, to the land, and to the people who tend to the gardens and to the wild and sacred places with nature that true transformation occurs.

If we are seeking greater levels of health and consciousness, we must look. We must look to our relationship with life, to nature,
and how we can reclaim and return to the true nature within us.

It is through taking into our bodies a part of the wild and beautiful gifts of nature that we come home to a sense of
belonging to this earth.



Gisela  (45)– Biography

I have always been interested in the pursuit of spiritual evolution.  
My strong connection with Mother Earth and medicinal plants began when I was age 19. 

In 1999 I went travelling in search of truth and unity, and in the course of my journey I lived in different communities across America,  South America, Europe and Egypt where I begun to learn more about natural healing in different cultures and communities.

I had been born in Argentina, and when I returned from my travels, I followed a calling to live in the mountainous lands where the native Comechiongones used to go to receive visions and guidance to prepare plant medicine for their tribe.  It was here on the many medicine walks in the mountains with one of the Comechingon successors, that I learnt about identifying, sitting with, and collecting wild herbs in their own natural habitats.   His main teaching was to respect and honour the cycles of nature.  
I was so fascinated by the different natures of the herbs and grateful for these experiences to learn in direct contact with the earth. 


In 2003, whilst living in Capilla Del Monte, I begun teaching medicinal plant workshops on connecting with the spirit of the plant, and working with plant spirit journeys, making herbal preparations and building up our own apothecaries. I was so grateful to help others to learn how to heal themselves in connection with nature! such a wonderful impiration!

In 2005 I moved to Glastonbury, England where I spent the next 15 years co-running Shekinashram, a bhakti yoga ashram.  During this time in Avalon I continued to teach and studied different natural healing paths and attended numerous plant medicine courses and studied aspects of Ayurveda, including yoga teacher training and body work.   

Being so passionate about medicinal plants, and after a long time working and making preparations with them, I was always left with a nagging feeling: Whilst making mother tinctures and different herbal preparations there always felt like something deep was missing in the procedure in relation to the use of the plant material after extraction, which was essentially considered waste, and that I always offered/returned to the land. 
I knew that the plant material was a part of the wholenness of the plant and that it needed to be returned to the medicine rather than being wasted.
In alchemy its said:   “As above so below, as without so within”
This intuition guided me to discover Spagyric Medicine, which is the study of medicinal herbs in traditional Alchemy that not only integrates the whole plant in each preparation but also maximises it’s potential by breaking the plant down into it’s essential purified elements and then recombining them in a mystical process to make a uniquely potent alchemical medicinal preparation. 

Since then my main passion has been directed toward studying the path of Spagyria.
In 2008 my studies led me to Spain where I met Palmira Ponzuelo, a wise and spiritual medicinal Spagyrist, whose courses I attended and who totally inspired me in Medicinal Alchemy.  
In 2010 I was initiated into Motherhood when I gave birth to our beautiful daughter, Tulsi at home in Shekinashram, Avalon.

Sometime later I attended Spargyric courses in the UK and then continued on to complete a Profesional Formation in Spargyric Medicine with Eloy Saenz in the Andalusia School of Spagyria in Spain who is an eminent disciple of Abu Omar Yabir, the late Spagyric master, where I was awarded a certificate of the COFENAT.  Currently I am studying different Spagyric training modules with US herbal pioneer Sajah Popham and am studying Spagyric Medical astrology, therapeutics and alchemical laboratory preparations in Spain.  

Since then I have practiced in connection with the cycle of nature, the elements, and the planetary influences to make a perfect SYNERGY of all my studies and to gain a holistic understanding of what it is to be a  natural medicine maker.   Nowadays I love to be in my lab and am most inspired when I am creating different Spargyric preparations.


True to the Alchemical tradition, each step in the creation of these Spagyric Essences has been prepared in accordance with the planetary ruler of each specific herbal remedy. This drives the action of the herbs deeper into the organ systems, while also activating the spiritual potencies and initiatory qualities within the plant and its planetary archetype.

Our Spagyric elixirs contain the crystalline mineral salts of the plants, a unique process specific to the Alchemical tradition. These mineral salts increase their physiological potency, making them more bioavailable and effective at lower doses.

By working with Spagyric herbal preparations that have been prepared with that level of integrity and alignment, I believe a deep level of transformation will occur within your life, bringing you closer to the life you dream of, the vitality you are seeking, and the balance you are yearning for within.

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