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Colloidal Nano Gold

Colloidal Nano Gold

Colloidal Gold  20ppm      Sun planetary influence.


This is a Golden Bottle of 50 ml or 100 ml Colloidal Nano Gold. 


“The Elixir of Life" 

Colloidal Gold can facilitate entry into deeper states of meditation and higher levels of consciousness, naturally easing anxiety, stress and depression. 
It can help lift the spirit, give increased clarity, focus, memory and attention by balancing energy flow in the brain. 


Dosage: 5-8 sprays under the tongue on an empty stomach.


  • Our Colloidal have a very high concentration as they have been made according to the lunar & planetary influences of each metal to incorporate not only the physical properties but also its living planetary synergy.


  • Made with our own steam distilled spring water in a 000ppm.


  • We use only the most highly refined 99.999% of the metals in our colloidal preparations and utilize a consistent magnetic stirring system, and a dynamic polarity reversal frequency process to obtain the precise amount of ppm we need to be produced.  This way we are able to make the smallest refined Nano size particles offering the optimum potential for the body's absorption.









  • Disclaimer

    • Disclaimer

      Suggested use: As a dietary supplement

    •   The information is provided for general information is not intended as a medical advice and should not be relied upon as a substitute for advice from a healthcare professional.

  • Ingredients


    All made according to the moon & planetary influences.

    Made with loving respect for Pachamama.


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