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Immunity Booster

Immunity Booster

Spagyric Immunity Booster


  • This Synergy botanical blend focuses on strengthening your immune system and it’s defences.  
  • It is totally organic and is a combination of different spagyric herbal preparations, essential oils and tissue salts from medicinal plants 

specifically designed to supercharge your immune system.

  • Our Spagyric Immunity Booster supports strong immunity and gives everyday support to those prone to repeat illness, low energy and feeling run down.
  • It is used for added support when recovering from illness and can help revive body balance and promote healthy cognitive function.



In this current age it is more important than ever to invest in building a healthy, robust and sovereign immune system.  
Having a healthy immune defence can be attributed to various factors such as general exposure to pathogens, 
and is supported by healthy lifestyle choices such as, good diet, adequate rest, and general fitness, and how much stress we experience, 
amongst other things.  

Medicinal plants and herbal remedies are used not only to treat diseases but also for prevention and to increase the quality of life. 
Regular ingestion of herbal infusions and elixirs helps strengthen the body against future illnesses.

Our spagyric extracts are made using organic or wildcrafted herbs wherever possible,