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The tradition of

Alchemy and Spagyrics

Alchemy is far beyond a system of gold making, or even healing - it is an ancient system of spirituality, a means of accessing the greater forces of our universe in order to align ourselves with the Source to become vessels of the Divine.

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These Spagyric preparations have profound effects, purifying and balancing all levels of being in order to bring about
greater levels of health, vitality, awakening, and consciousness

"By working with Spagyric herbal preparations that have been prepared with that level of integrity and alignment, I believe a deep level of transformation will occur within your life, bringing you closer to the life you dream of, the vitality you are seeking, and the balance you are yearning for within".

All our product has been prepared using handcrafted herbs and organic material. 

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Herbal Alchemy
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The tradition of  Alchemy and Spagyrics



Sulphur  Soul









The spagyric method is far superior to all other extraction methods for several reasons. Spagyric extracts contain a truly full spectrum of all the plant's compounds which act in a greater synergy with the human body. All parts of the plant (Soul, Mind & Body) are reunited in perfect balance and harmony just as nature intended.

The entire process is also 100% natural and organic.




Samantha Sibanda

 I have been using Santa Maria for a while now and it has truly blessed me. It’s calming effects truly work and because of its liquid form you can ingest as much or as little as you want for the desired effect.

I suffer from continuous rumination from loud thoughts and can sometimes struggle with low mood and anxiety - though Santa Maria is not the cure it definitely helps to settle my mind and give me uplifting clarity and perspective.


I truly recommend!


One love,



Jaya Sri

Jaya Sri

I've been using Santa Maria and Divine Love, and it’s going wonderfullly. I've been using them first thing and evening time, my mind is calm clear and untroubled.

‘I suffer chronic joint, muscle, ligament and tendon pain often excruciating and unbearable, and chronic fatigue, also I have had big problem in my neck, for many months now, and it has eased since I take your elixir, The physical pain which is of course  related to the nervous system also feels less inflamed, and I see what you mean about the self love, I feel I am in a cacoon of love and getting some much needed self-care - well done Gisela - I really believe in your product and your dedication to precision.


Jay Sri

Akara Heart

Akara Heart


I Absolutely love these elixirs, such potent medicine for the Heart, the divine love is truly that - Divine, it tastes wonder-full and allows you a moment to give back to yourself with pure sacred essence and recieve the frequency of the rose. The Gold packaging is stunning and you can feel the love that has been poured in to this, through the timely alchemical process. Il be sure to be keeping stocked up on this medicine, deeply greatful. Xx 🌹


Savannah Alalia

Savannah Alalia

Recently I was called a collector of magnificence, I’m humbled by that statement and simply always do my best to find the most potent and powerful natural tools to support a vibrant life. Today these magical elixirs from Synergy Alchemy arrived with love.
I’ve been trying them over the last week and have to say they are incredibly special, energetically, physically and in creating an integrated wellbeing.
Feeling grateful and thankful for magical medicines in the world.


Colored Mandala Tiger using Chameleon Pe

Emily W.

I just love the alchemy involved in creating this. The immediate response I feel is both subtle and powerful. I get a strong sense of expansion and being heart centered. Wonderful, thank you.


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